Bankruptcy in Parramatta – Who do I talk to?

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Bankruptcy in Parramatta – Who do I talk to?

Would I talk to my accountant about Bankruptcy?

The answer seems to be obvious doesn’t it: if anybody understands your financial situation well in Parramatta, It’s going to be your accounting professional. Nonetheless, the short answer is a definite No! It’s not that your financial advisor may not have your best interests in mind when it comes to Bankruptcy, it’s that his knowledge lie in helping you save you money at tax time, lowering your tax liability and lodging your BAS.

A lot of accounting degrees will dedicate very little to no time on insolvency, it’s normally undertaken as a post graduate specialty course for those who plan to work in the sector. Unless your financial advisor is an insolvency professional, he would not know a lot about the effects of Bankruptcy. I can assure you insolvency specialists don’t know a lot about tax returns or BAS. If you do happen to find an insolvency accounting firm in Parramatta, they have the inclination to be big companies with very pleasant workplaces who bill accordingly.

Would I talk with my Solicitor about Bankruptcy?

No! You can speak to your solicitor in Parramatta but more than likely it won’t do you a great deal of good. Solicitors are definitely good at accomplishing things lawyers do, like supporting you to do your Will and purchasing your house and attempting to keep you out of court if you’re fortunate. When it comes to Bankruptcy, the specialists in Parramatta typically have either a legal or accounting certifications, and the primary justification for that is basically that you can not start off in the post graduate study to become a certified insolvency specialist except if you possess a law or accounting degree.

Just as there are a small number of insolvency accounting companies, there are few bankruptcy legal businesses in Australia, and indeed if you find one you will pay out an adequate price tag for their knowledge.

Would I talk with a financial counsellor about Bankruptcy?

Yes! There are a lot of financial counselling solutions to assist you with this, they have no prejudices and they’re a great alternative for allowing you to analyze your situation when it comes to Bankruptcy. If you end up stressing regularly, not sleeping, not eating or over-eating and contemplating finance strains regularly, then get some support.

There are also charitable organizations around Parramatta like Lifeline that offer a great service. They will certainly be a sounding board if you just need a person to review with you what your options are. Don’t let your financial trouble ruin your life – ultimately it’s just money.

If you truly wish to find out more regarding what to do, where to turn and what problems to ask about Bankruptcy, then feel free to get in touch with Bankruptcy Experts Parramatta on 1300 795 575, or visit our website:

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